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Quality, Cost, Delivery

We provide 100% good Quality at a reduced Cost with an efficient Delivery.
These are the 3Dimensions of our offer.

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We are your ideal partner

Offering Swiss quality & service at Chinese cost.
Preferred customer status, Confidentiality, Quality, Value and Transparency.

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What we offer

  • Preferred customer status
  • Confidentiality
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Transparency

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Scope of product and service:

  1. Interim Management and Consulting in areas such as General Management, Company turn-around, Post-merger/acquisition Integration, Project Management, Global Supply Chain Optimization, Global Procurement & Sourcing, Quality Improvement Management, Manufacturing Capacity Set-up and Industrial Localization in China.
  2. Asia Sourcing expertise (but not exclusive other areas) support for Swiss SMEs and Start-ups, including but not limited to benchmarking studies, cost reduction projects, Buy vs Make decision support tools.
  3. Agents in Switzerland (or Europe) for high added-value technical products made in China, including but not limited to precision machined parts, welded structure parts, electrical and electronics, sub-assemblies of technical equipment or complete assembled machines.

Industry areas covered:

  • Automation
  • Automotive
  • Solar
  • Medtech industries
  • General mechanical industrial products

We take pride on our work

Swiss solution with Chinese Characteristics:

Preferred customer status

  • Preferred customer status awarded to industry leader per sector
  • Non-competition
  • Total commitment to the success of customer


  • Registered in Switzerland
  • Managed by Swiss people
  • Commercial agreement is between Swiss entities, within framework of Swiss law and regulation
  • Anonymous customer name or brand name to sub-suppliers


  • Senior partners each has minimum 20 years experience in global supply chain and lean management
  • APQP and PPAP process
  • TQM to ensure 100% good quality at customer site


  • Customer is charged with flat service fee or fixed percentage of purchase revenue
  • Annual cost reduction
  • Significant reduction of indirect cost at customer site
  • Annual VA/VE initiative, saving to be shared


  • Supply sources are shared with customer
  • Surprise audit by customer at any time
  • Customer is charged either a monthly flat fee or fixed percentage, cost structure is known