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Frédéric RAPPAN

  • Born 1955, Swiss national
  • HES Engineer, MBA from Geneva University
  • Held management positions in Production and Supply chain functions at Komax, Ismeca, Energizer & API Portescap
  • Expatriate 4 years as GM of Komax Solar in China (up to mid 2014)
  • Good knowledge of both Swiss and Chinese culture and business practices. International culture knowledge
  • Good contact and network to the business community in both countries
  • Fluent in French, German and English

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Zhenlin WU

  • Born 1972, Chinese national
  • BsC of Mechanical Engineering
  • 20 years experience in Production, Supply Chain and Quality functions in Mechanical, Automation and Automotive industry, served in companies like Maersk Industry, Peugeot and Komax
  • Proven QCD track record of successfully managing Chinese suppliers
  • Extensive Lean Manufacturing knowledge and experience
  • Familiar with Chinese supplier network
  • Well versed in the bilateral FTA, and other Chinese legal framework covering international trade, market access, non-tariff barriers, with good access to local government agencies

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